Gather ’round, Folks

Here’s the plan.

For my first trick, I posted some “before” shots on my progress page.  Go check them out, I’m sure you’ll love them.

My plan is to blog about my experiences in this whole weight loss battle.  Oh, it’s a battle alright.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always hard.  Sometimes you go in, and the enemy just falls before you like a snowman on the first warm day of spring.  Sometimes the wind always seems to blow your way.  Then there are those times when the enemy seems to anticipate your every move.  Every shred of ground you gain is hard-won and it would be easy to pack it in and give up.

I’m going to tell you stories.  I’m going to let you into my most private thoughts.  I’m going to review products.  I’m going to read your blogs, too!  I’m going to learn.  I’m going to stumble.  I’m going to fail.  And I’m going to succeed.  I’m going to win.  I’m going to tell you how it feels to reach my goals.

That right there is what this blog is about.


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