Mixing Business With Business

Tonight, I had a little quandary.  I had a video game that we had rented from one of those dvd vending machine things, and it was my job to return it.  I put it off and put it off, and then when I went out to run errands, I FORGOT TO BRING IT.  GRRRRRR.

As if to add to my problems, I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday, or today.  Their hours kind of suck on the weekends, and we are usually very busy then, so this didn’t come as a complete shock.  Still, when there was but an hour before that magical time when the game had to be returned, I was thinking about when I would remove my behind from my computer chair and do this…and I had an idea…I could use the dog.  (For fun, I drew a picture of me having this bright idea.  Check it out.  That’s me, thinking about my game that I had to return, and the dog…and having a brain wave.  Yeah.  That’s a dog in the picture.  Use your imagination.)

See, when we got this dog, I was all happy that we were getting a dog with high excercise needs.  Horray I thought now I will be sure to take lots of nice long walks!  And for a while, I did.  I walked the dog every day. 

Then I started to skip a day here and there.

Then I started to ask the hubster to do it here and there.

And pretty soon I wasn’t walking the dog at all.

Disclaimer: Don’t pounce on me for not taking proper care of my dog, okay?  She gets LOTS of excercise.  I just do it the lazy way.  We play lots of fetch in our big yard.  She likes to play fetch, I like to be lazy, everyone wins. 

Anyway….where was I?  Oh yeah.  The game and the dog.  So yeah, I thought I would walk the dog down to the nearest DVD vending thingie.  I checked it out and it’s 2.6 miles round trip, but the kicker is, it’s uphill on the way back.  A steep hill.  I hate walking up steep hills.

BUT!  I didn’t get to the gym all weekend so I figured I’d better face this hill.  As an added bonus, the dog will have gotten a walk.  The whole walking after dark thing didn’t bother me too much, I live in a pretty decent ‘hood and my dog?  It’s a 70 lbs German Shepherd, so I pretty much dare anyone to mess with me.  So, I put on a sweatshirt, leashed the creature up, pocketed the game, and made my way down there and back. 

Long story short, it took an hour and my fancy schmancy Polar HRM gave me a calorie burnage of about 300.  The dog got a nice walk, and we were able to work on our heeling and we even did some off-leash heeling and she did great.  Lots of business accomplished!  Dog walked?  Check.  Game returned?  Check.  Dog obedience work done?  CHECK!

Kinda helps take my mind off the fact that I’m worried I’m going to post a gain this week.  Stupid scale.


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