Turkey Hats Made of Construction Paper

I have really been enjoying reading everyone’s pans for The Big Day on Thursday, but it seems like that’s been covered thoroughly so I won’t bore you with my own.  I have to talk turkey somehow, though.

Today, my eldest spawn and his class put on a Thanksgiving program which was adorable in the way that a bunch of second graders decked out in construction paper turkey hats is…meaning the parents and grandparents assembled loved it, but it’s probably of little interest to anyone else. 

By the way, my son’s paper turkey hat was the cutest ;).

Following this, there was a “Thanksgiving fest” made up of cookies, cakes, doughnuts, juice, chocolate, candy, etc.  Yowza.  I feel sooooo sorry for his teacher right now.  I can tell you that none of those kids ate their lunches, and they’re all getting grouchy right about now as they come down from their sugar highs…

On such an occasion, I would normally go ahead and take a snack.  We’ll get into this more later, but I am not about denial.  I am about moderation.  A treat is not the end of the world…it’s when I eat the WHOLE box of cookies that is the problem.  I eat healthy foods and to me that means as much whole, unprocessed food as I can.  To me this means REAL food, not something made in a lab with a “fat free!” sticker slapped on it.  My fat problem doesn’t stem from nourishing my body with real foods, it stems from emotional eating…again, a topic for another day.

Today, though…I don’t know.  I felt no desire for any of the foods I saw.  I wasn’t against taking a cookie or piece of pumpkin bread, but I honestly saw nothing I desired.  My son handed me type of cookie that I normally like quite a bit…but I just didn’t feel like eating it.  I didn’t stand there chatting with the other parents, fighting the good fight every second and hoping to tear myself away as quickly as possible.  The battle wasn’t there.

For 2 weeks we’ve had an open box of this particular kind of cookie, and I haven’t eaten them all up.  I have had maybe 3.  I made an apple pie last night and half of it is in the fridge, not calling to me.  I am just listening to my body, and right now it’s telling me it doesn’t want sugar.

And I’m cool with that.

Now it’s up to me to make sure my emotions don’t shovel some in there anyway.


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