The Rain Dance

I like to do it naked.

I do it twice a day, usually.  Morning and night, just for fun.

I sometimes do it in the locker room at the gym, but only when no one is looking.

It’s not quite as much fun during that oh-so-special time of the month.

Obviously I’m talking about weighing myself.  What did you think I was talking about?

I have some interesting scale habits.  I know conventional wisdom advises us not to weigh ourselves every day.  I like the more liberal advice which is to weigh yourself as often as you  need to.  If you are one that does better weighing once a week only, do that.  If you get your best results from weighing once a month, go for it.  Some folks don’t look at the numbers on the scale at all.  They just do the right things, the pounds go away (or stay the same or whatever their goal is), and just judge things by how their clothes fit.

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I am impatient.  I want data.  I have to look every day, and most days it’s twice.  I am fascinated by how my weight fluctuates through the day.  This is why I like to weigh myself at night before bed.  I find it fun to guess what the number will be in the morning.  I also find it fun to see a number in the evening that I had previously seen only in the morning.

My real weigh in rituals really only come into play in the morning, though.  There are certain things I like to do to ensure the most consistent results for myself.  As mentioned, I like to weigh in as little clothing as possible.  On an official weigh in day, that means none.  I also have to do it in the morning, but not before using the facilities…if you get my drift.  When I am ready, I tap the scale with my foot to turn it on, wait for the 00’s and then I step on and try to distribute my weight evenly between my two feet.  I look straight ahead at the wall and wait a few seconds for it to come up with a number, and then look down.  To me, not watching the numbers as they come up is sort of like eating fortune cookie before looking at your fortune or it won’t come true or making sure you blow out all your birthday candles in one breath or you won’t get your wish.  Just a little sort of superstition thing…like it’s bad luck to watch the numbers as they come up.  I know, weird.  And how dare I bring up fortune cookies and birthday cake in the same post as talking about scales, right?

There are some days when I don’t weigh myself.  If I KNOW I’ve had a lot of sodium or something the night before, I don’t touch the scale in the morning.  An increase of several pounds is ever nice to see, even if you know it’s temporary.

In general, though, I don’t get discouraged when I see those temporary spikes.  That’s why this system works for me.  I tend to get more motivated by temporary spikes (unless they are huge which is why I will skip a day if I know it’s going to be bad), and I like the elated feeling I get when the scale is down from last week.  This is why I don’t save that feeling for just once a week…if I can feel this feeling several times a week, so much the better I say. 

As far as eating before a weigh in, I usually just make sure that on Tuesday I don’t eat too much sodium and drink plenty of water.  I don’t want a water retention scenario to rear its ugly head on Wednesdays, so I just avoid it altogether.

So, there are all my crazy scale habits.  I want to hear how you do it.  Daily?  Weekly?  Monthly?  What time of day?  What works for you?


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  1. Kimberly
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 21:34:33

    You are me. I have exactly the same ritual except I do relieve myself first.

    I weigh every day to break the power of the scale over me. The data from each day shows me that in the end it always comes down as long as I take each day as they come.


    • Twiggy
      Nov 29, 2010 @ 23:01:16

      Oh I do go to the bathroom first. I worded that weird. I do my best to make sure I am on empty 😉

      Sent from my iPod


  2. Michelle
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 11:13:06

    I am the SAME way girl. Weigh myself every morning after a trip to the bathroom. I try not to get too freaked out if I see the scale go up a bit or stay the same, but honestly I think this works best for me too. It keeps me aware DAILY about how I’m doing and has helped me trouble shoot periods where I was gaining for some unknown reason or just not losing.

    I had to laugh about not watching the numbers come up because I am the same in this regard too. We must have the same scale, because that is my ritual as well (tap to turn it on, look at my previous weight and then stand on the scale making sure my feet are evenly apart, then looking ahead until I hear the beep saying it has arrived at a number). Everyone knows it is bad luck to watch the numbers come up!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog btw!


  3. Jacqui
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 09:46:08

    count me in the every day.. sometimes twice a day club! And I follow pretty much the same rituals. I agree that it is so amazing to see a number at night that previously was only in the morning!


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