T’was The Day Before Weigh In

You know, normally I try to be very good on weigh in eve.  I am pretty good every day, but I make an extra special effort the day before my “official” weigh in, even though it’s not official to anyone but me.  This morning, I made my usual breakfast of an omlette.  Sometimes I use one egg, sometimes two, sometimes 3.  Today was a 2 egg day.  I use whole eggs,  a little salt, a little pepper, some onions or peppers or whatever I have, and a sprinkle of cheese.  Sometimes a bit of salsa.  This comes out to just under 200 calories and I feel satisfied for several hours afterward.  My plan was to have some leftover butternut squash soup for lunch.  My main goal for the day is to keep the sodium down because I do not want to see a water retention spike on weigh in day. 

So, imagine the spot I was in when Hubs decided to work from home today and had planned for us to pick up kid #3 from preschool, eat lunch at the Chinese Buffet, and go grocery shopping.  I knew I could say no.  I knew I could just have a salad or something at the buffet.  I knew I could talk him into going somewhere else. 

I also know that we usually go there about once a week, and that has never really hurt my weight loss.  I know that, looking at my calories from the last 4 days or so, they’ve been on the lower side.  I know I can go in there and not overdo it.  Finally I decided to go ahead and go there, for several reasons, not the least of which was that Kid #3 prefers to eat mostly fruit, and that is really easy to get for him there. 

Since my plan is moderation, not elimination, I tried to do my best.  I did a naughty thing.  I went over to the chicken/broccoli stir fry dish and picked out at least a cup of broccoli.  I figured I would sit down and eat the broccoli first, and that would fill me up.  I could then have a few bites of the other stuff I got, and quit when I felt satisfied.  I put a bit of 2 of my favorite things on my plate and some rice and went back to my table.

I ate up my broccoli, and about half of what was left.  I did not stuff myself.  I was comfortably full, and it’s always nice to leave a place with SO much temptation just feeling comfortable, and not like they might have to roll you out to your car like a used tire.

I went to my favorite calorie counter and attempted to add it up.  Since I can’t get the exact counts, I over estimated everything just to be on the safe side.  As far as calories go, it wasn’t too horrible.  It was a lot of sodium though.  And this week is a particularly dangerous week to mess around with that.  Oh yes, my faaaaavorite week of the month.  Thanks, hormones!  Here’s hoping it doesn’t translate into a spike tomorrow.  Pass me another glass of water!  I am not even bothering to put my pur water pitcher thingie away today.  Just keep it comin’.


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