Some NS Things, Too

I wanted to put these in a separate post from my weigh in, but yesterday I had a couple of non scale moments I wanted to share.

First things first.  I was having a cranky day yesterday, and I made a post on my favorite social networking site to that effect.  One of my friends, who I must have told that I like those silly McGriddles things at McDonalds, suggested this:

 “Those days I just want to leave and cry! Sorry, sister! Hopefully something made you smile! A McGriddle????”


I mean, this friend is thin.  She’s not super skinny, but she is thin (in spite of having had 3 kids in 4 years and another due in a few weeks).  I don’t believe that she self medicates with food.  In any case, I have posted about it here before.  I  have self medicated with food in the past, and it’s something that I have had to work hard to overcome.  And here it was, staring me right in the face(book).  (sorry, I had to lol).  As if I needed it, I had someone practically giving me the green light to go ahead and bury my issues from that day in a mountain of McDonalds.

I provided a light hearted response.  Sometimes  when I teach computers at the preschool that my son goes to, I do have the occasional treat like that, so I just said that since I didn’t have computers again until after Christmas, that wasn’t on the agenda.  Then she said this:

 “Maybe a hot fudge sundae before kid pickup….I guess DS2 will be with you”

OMG.  Srlsy?  WWWTTTFFF?????  It was like she had been possessed by the devil and was doing this on purpose.  The rest of the conversation went like this:

Me: “No, Hubster is home so I can go away by myself if I want to.”

Her: “Yes!”

Me:  “But I’m not gonna.”

Her:  “Well where’s the fun in that?”

Me: “I’m not trying to be contrary, I just can’t go that route is all. I think I have some business to attend to this afternoon so that should serve as a distraction for me :)”

The funny thing is, even though in the past I have thrown food at my frustrations, this time it didn’t even cross my mind.  Even when she threw all that in my face I never even had a single thought about doing it.  Not one.  Not even a teeny tiny “well maybe…”.  Nadda. 

I’m not saying it will never happen again.  I hope that in the future I can continue to resolve my stress, frustration, and other emotions without food.  I hope that more and more, the urge isn’t even there.  I hope that when it does come on, I can stamp on it – HARD.

Okay.  Next item on the agenda.  Last night I went swimming, and I was looking for the swimming cap that has been missing for a couple of weeks.  I was digging in the very back corner of the bottom of my closet, and I found a pair of jeans I didn’t know I had.  I looked at the tag, and they were a size smaller than what I have been wearing.  The 2 pairs I have been wearing are cut really differently it seems, because one feels a little snug but totally wearable and the other pair is super baggy around my butt and thighs.  I can take both of them off without unbuttoning them, but I think that has more to do with my lack of waist than anything else. 

When I got home from swimming, I decided to try them on, and I was delighted to find that they fit me perfectly.  I was a little skeptical, so to check for vanity sizing I measured them, and they are 2 inches shorter around the waist than my other 2 pairs.  They might all be vanity sized, but at least this smaller pair wasn’t vanity sized compared to the other 2 if you know what I mean. 

So hooray!  I now have 3 pairs of jeans I can wear!  I think it’ll soon be 2 though, I am going to have to quit wearing that one pair that is baggy in the butt soon.

2.5 lbs to go until I take new progress pictures.   I don’t expect to see anything different on this set, but for posterity, I will take them.  I wish I had a starting picture.


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  1. Jacqui
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 09:52:46

    good job on not even thinking maybe for McDonald’s! That is something I still struggle with immensely… not giving in to self medicating with food. I don’t know if I would have been as strong as you… especially with someone being a “pusher”.


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