I’m Auditioning

I’m going for the part of “Girl who got hit by a truck”.  I feel awful.  My throat is swollen, every joint in my body hurts.  I feel like I will never be warm again.  I have taken some NSAID and am drinking lemon/honey water, but so far none of it has helped.  AF, TOM, or whatever you call it has not left yet and I’m annoyed and out of supplies.  It’s been over a week now, GO AWAY.

To make matters worse, Hubs has taken the attitude that since I am not doing anything but laying on the couch watching a movie, that he should not do anything either, and retired to the basement.  I want to yell at him, but I am losing my voice and I figure I better save it for something a little more important…like asking him to run to the store to buy me more “supplies.”  Ha!

I am going to the gym, but I wouldn’t call what I am doing working out.  I’m going to walk around the track for a while to see if that helps my joints not be so stiff and painful, then I am going to take the longest, hottest shower possible.  The gym has unlimited hot water pretty much, so I think I will go use some.  I just got out of the shower at my house, I stood in there until the water started to cool off, and then got out.

Not really hungry today, it will  be interesting to see where my calories come out today.  I did have breakfast, but lunch just doesn’t seem appealing to me just yet, and it’s almost 1.

Sorry for any typos or anything.  I just am too miserable to care today.


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