In case anyone is waiting on the edge of their seats to find out how it went…

I felt like I was dragging a 1,000lbs weight behind me as I walked into the gym.  I staggered into the locker room, put my stuff away, then slooooowly climbed the stairs to the walking track.  I figured I better go track over treadmill, I was feeling bad enough that I didn’t trust myself not to trip and fall on the treadmill or something….so track.

I started my HRM and set off, chosing to use the time spent untangling my headphones instead of standing there like a dummy in the corner.  By the time I had them totally untangled, I had made one lap.  I figured that I would walk, unconcerned about lap counts, speed, or heart rate (other than just out of curiosity).  My walk was intended to be somewhat therapeutic, not a workout.

To help me perk up a little, I selected a playlist that I normally don’t listen to.  Almost a year ago, my best friend ever moved away but before she left, she gave me a cd of some gym tunes she thought I would like.  I rarely listen to it, at the gym I go to they have wifi so I usually watch movies or something on my ipod (I love technology) but no wifi at this location.  I needed a boost.  I needed to feel a piece of my friend to comfort me.

My body warmed up.  My joint pain went away.  My misery was at bay.  Maybe it was the walking, maybe it was the handful of pills I took before I left…who knows.  All I know is that I didn’t feel any better after a morning of laying on the couch than I did when I got up so it was time to try something else.  The time went by quickly because I was listening to songs I don’t hear often, but enjoy.

And then you know what?  I got a little swagger.  I threw a little hip into it.  I stood up straight for the first time all day.  I walked a little faster.  The song that was playing was kinda sassy, and I walked a little sassy.  No one passed me, although to be fair, there were no runners there today. 

I walked like this as long as my body felt like it could, then when I started to feel twinges in my joints again, I took it down a notch, told myself I would stop after the next song.  No need to push myself too hard, or make me feel sicker.  I’d already done more than I imagined I could when I walked out the door at home.

After a little back and forth in my head about whether I should just go home as is or take that long hot shower I wanted, I decided to go for it.  I deserved to do anything that I thought would make me feel better.  I did, and it was lovely.

When I got home, I decided to have some lunch.  I looked high and low for some cottage cheese because that is what I decided I wanted on the way home  and wouldn’t you know it?  All gone.  It’s Hubs’ go-to snack so we usually have lots of it.  I rifled through the cabinet until I found a can of Campbell’s chunky chicken noodle and decided that sounded good too, so I ate a serving of that (half the can) and logged it.  So far today I’ve eaten 1 egg, 1 arnold sandwich thin, 1 string cheese, and 1 cup of soup.  I planned to have the other cup later this evening, but as I was logging it, Hubs came along and picked up the half empty can, dumped the second half into a bowl, nuked it, and ate it up.

Oh well, we have another can in the pantry if that’s what I really want.

And just to show that I feel a little better, I even spell checked this one.


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