Yesterday, it was a truck. Today, maybe a bug.

I am still pretty miserable.  My throat feels like I am trying to swallow a handful of rusty razor blades every time I swallow.  I am having to take copious amounts of drugs just to remain semi functional.  Last night, toward the evening, I could not get warm not matter what I did.  I was wearing sweat pants, T shirt, sweatshirt, and my fleece jacket and I was covered by a blanket and I was still freezing cold.

When night time arrived, I exchanged my ibuprofen for the PM version and I was out like a light.  This morning I feel a teeny bit better.  My throat is worse, but my aches are a little better. I guess it’s a fair trade.  I would go and get a strep test but all 3 of my kids were sick in the last 10 days or so with a mysterious illness that cause general malaise, sore throat, and crankiness…and they got over it just fine (and quickly, too) so I’m thinking it’s not strep.  I’ll give it another day and hope it feels better tomorrow.

My calories were well under 1000 yesterday, and I’m happy with that given my lack of activity.  I plan to eat more today.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will only feel like I’ve been run over by a bike messenger.


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