Who Needs Sleep?

Certainly not me.


My throat is feeling better. It’s not 100% better, but I no longer have toe curling pain every time I swallow in spite of taking the maximum doses of both tylenol and ibuprofen, and sucking down lozenges that make my mouth numb, but don’t seem to dull the pain in my throat. Drinking water no longer stings and tries to go up my nose instead, so it looks like I”ll be able to start drinking water again now as well. I should be able to get going again tomorrow. No, that isn’t some kind of “I’ll do what I want today and diet tomorrow” thing, I am booked solid today with cub scouts, girl scouts (and I’m the leader of both so I have to plan these meetings and be at both of them which will take up all my time from now until 8 pm). I also need to get going on my Christmas cards.

So things are looking up, more or less. There’s just one problem. I read my last post again just now and noticed a LOT of mistakes in it. See, the problem is that every night I manage to develop a very yucky cough. It’s not when I lay down either, I gave up trying to lay down days ago. When the sun goes down, my lungs go nuts. In the last 3 nights, I have gotten maybe 3 hours of sleep. And that’s not 3 consecutive hours. That’s 3 hours, broken up into 15-30 minute segments. It’s horrible. I feel drained, and my abs and ribs are getting sore from the coughing fits.

Fun times over at my house!

Take care Bloggy friends! I hope to have better news for you next time!


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  1. bd160
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 03:47:06

    Hi, Twiggy! I’ve given you a Blog award! 😀 http://dancingtowardsmyself.blogspot.com/2010/12/and-award-goes-to.html


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