Mischief and Some Other Things

Every December, my kids write a letter to Santa.  In it, they ask for items too numerous to mention, and they ask if their elves can come and visit them again until Christmas.  Usually, Santa writes back and his letter is delivered by…elves. 

This tradition is an idea I got from a site called elf magic…I think…something like that.  Anyway, I liked the idea, but found the elves at the site to be too expensive and not quite what I wanted.  I searched high and low all over the place a couple of years ago and I finally found our elves.   They came attached to some other decorations, which I removed them from and I had cheap, cute elves.  As a bonus, they have wires in them so I can make them do just about anything…hang from the light fixtures, or sit in a barbie car…they have even held crayons.

The elves look like toys during the day, but at night they come to life.  Sometimes they are helpful.  Sometimes they are naughty.  They are always found in the morning, caught in the “act” of whatever they were doing.  My kids carry them around during the day and at night they take them to bed with them.  After they’re asleep, I collect them and set them up for their nightly hijinks.

This year, the elves made their appearance on St Nick day.  This is something I had never heard of until I moved here.  There is a night in early December, apparently, when St Nick (who is not the same person as Santa as I had always believed) breaks into your house and fills your shoes up with candy.  I have never remembered to do this with my kids until this year…thankfully before now they’ve been too young to realize they were missing out. 

After St Nick, though, I got really sick.  Because of this, doing the elf thing was not foremost in my mind.  Last night I managed to collect them all though, and this is what my kids saw when they woke up this morning.

If it’s hard to see, The one on the left is making a Christmas tree picture on a Lite Brite.  The two in the foreground are playing war.  The one on the left is winning, but if you look closely, he’s got all 4 aces behind his back, so he’s cheating.  They have some popcorn next to them.  In the background is a half-finished puzzle.

They have names.  I made up their names, and they’re pretty clever if I do say so myself.

Elmer is Kid1’s elf

Lillian is Kid2’s elf

Fielding is Kid3’s elf

Get it?  Their initials are E.L.F.  Hahahaha!  I tell you, I am just full of good ideas.

I still haven’t decided what they’ll do tonight, and it’s getting late and I want to go to bed.  Anyone have any ideas?  They will be here til Christmas, so we have lots of time!  I will try to use as many ideas from commenters as I can, and I will take pictures for you!

In other news, still no loss.  In fact, a gain if anything.  I don’t get it…but whatever.   I’m watching my 12 lb goal for the trimmings club slip away a little bit more every day.  I guess it’ll happen if I keep on doing the right things, but I’m getting a little impatient.  The scale has been up since the day after my last weigh in.  It’s not looking good, folks.


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