Mid Week

And still no love from the scale.  WTF?  Staying within calories – check.  Going to the gym – check.  Drinking water – check.  Loss on the scale? Where is my F’ing check?

I’m getting stressed.  In 3 days I have my midterm weigh in at the Y.  I have lost maybe 2 lbs since my last one.  I’m going to be just like all those other schmucks that bounce in to the first weigh in, gleefully predict a 2 lb per week weight loss, and then proceed to lose nothing.  Or gain.  Goals be damned!

I know from looking at my past weight charts that a maintain one week is not the end of the world (I really do have to convince myself that I’m not a total failure because I didn’t lose one week), it’s not over, not time to quit, not hopeless, etc….but it’s not wednesday anymore, people.  We’re halfway through my “week” and still. no. loss.  Scale is still showing on the plus side.

I really, really hate this right now.


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  1. Fitegic Planners
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 17:38:12

    OK – first off I am going to ask that you trust I’ve got some experience here and can completely relate to your frustration.

    I lost 100 pounds 30 years ago and have sustained a healthy weight since (you will note I did not say the SAME weight).

    Hang in there – while we strive for the 1-2 per week this is really an average over time. In real life weight tends to come off in “clumps”. Don’t be surprised if you get on the scale one day to fine you’ve “lost” 5 pounds in a “day” 🙂


  2. Kimberly
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 17:46:27

    Double down on your resolve. If you are doing everything right then the scale has to eventually show you a lower number. Don’t let the little metal tyrant dictate your motivation.


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