Oh Crap.

You know what the worst thing about being a sick mom is?  Besides not ever getting a sick day?  Besides the fact that when you get better, you look around and realize your household has gone to hell in a handbasket while you were out of commission?  Can you guess?

It’s the backlash.  The aftershocks.  It’s the 3 year old crying in the middle of the night (just when you started to sleep again!) and you just know he’s got what you had.  The thing is, all my kids were sick before me, so I assumed I got what they had.  Now I’m not so sure, and I’m terrified that Kid3 has what I had and if he does, this is not going to be a good week.  And what if Kid1 and Kid2 succumb?  If they do, they’ll likely be sick over Christmas, which will not make my mother in law happy.  Christmas at Grandma’s could even be cancelled…who knows.  That would be a disaster for the kids.

Yesterday we made Christmas cookies since we were snowed in.  They turned out awful.  I have never made awful cookies before, so I think it happened because of all the “help” I was getting.  The two older kids were assisting me, and this consisted mostly of them fighting with each other about who got to pour what into the mixer, and who’s turn it was to stand on the chair closest to the action.  I think all the infighting caused me to measure something wrong or leave something out because the dough wasn’t quite right, and once they were baked, they were like cement.  They refused to come off the cookie sheet nicely and in the end I had to scrape them off in pieces right into the trash, except the few that came off nicely, which I fed to the kids.  I had one, they tasted okay but were just not the right consistency.  At all.  Unless you like cement cookies.  We didn’t even bother to frost them.

I wasn’t worried about making cookies screwing me up.  I can resist such things.  I resisted the pie we brought home from thanksgiving.  Didn’t even touch it.  Not one teeny taste.  I bought some of those vitamuffins everyone always talks about just to try them…maybe 5 days ago?  Haven’t touched them.  About 3 weeks ago we got the Girl Scout chocolate we ordered from my daughter.  Most of it was to give to teachers, but one of the items was for us.  It was a tin full of chocolate mints, sorta like the Andes mints they give you at the Olive Garden.  They are REALLY good but we probably still have about 1/3 of them left. 

I think I am getting closer to normal.  Closer to being able to have things like that in my house without eating them all up within 24 hours of them coming into my house.  I can have ONE piece of chocolate.  One Cookie. 

This is kinda freaky.


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  1. Karen Ogle
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 11:46:41

    I’m so sorry to hear you are sick right now before the holidays. My family has been blessed this year. My granddaughter has a stomach bug but the rest of us are doing fine. I will say a prayer for your children that they are only grumpy from having you ill and aren’t catching it themselves. Try to stay positive and maybe you can avoid the onslaught. Merry Christmas!


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