I Might As Well Have Done Something To Deserve It-itis

Remember who used to do commercials for this place:

I am barely old enough to remember, but he also wrote a book.  Actually a few books.  The one I’m thinking of is this one..I think. 

(Hint – if you didn’t figure out who I’m talking about, his name is right there on the book!)

Anyway, in the book, there is this guy named Ed.  Through circumstances that I can’t remember, he becomes friends with a lady in town named Tamara.  His wife finds out, and without asking any questions, she assumes he is cheating on her and takes the kids to “visit her sister”.  She won’t take his calls and back then there was no email.  After being a little hurt and confused over this, he figures that if he is going to be in that much trouble, he might as well have done something to deserve it.

So he starts hanging out with his new friend more.  As far as I can tell, nothing ever happens romantically between them, but I am kind of young and naive so maybe I missed something?  Anyway, the more he hangs out with her, the more he finds out that she is kind of strange and he misses his wife.

I won’t tell you what happens, I suggest you go to the library and pick up the audiobook, it’s read by the author, and I found pretty much all his books to be enjoyable to listen to.

It has been a crazy week on the scale.  Actually, a crazy 2 weeks.  I really cannot say what I did to deserve it, but I will say that some days it was pretty difficult to fight off the I Might As Well Have Done Something To Deserve It-itis.  Some days it was easy to just keep doing what I am doing, even without any tangible results.  Some days it was down right tough.  Thoughts start to creep into my head like “Well, if I’m not going to have a loss this week anyway, why not go to lunch at McDonalds?”  I was able to fight that creep out of my head, but then another one would come in and say “Look, the scale is not going to love you tomorrow no matter what, so why not go out for a milkshake.  You should anyway, it would make your throat feel sooooo much better.”

Whenever these thoughts presented themselves, I presented them with this thought:  Why do something that will make it even MORE unlikely that the scale will drop soon? 

The thought of having to see the scale act weird for any longer than I have to really drove me to stay on my path.

I’m not going to speculate on what my weigh in is going to be like tomorrow.  I had my weigh in at the Y today but their scale is not my scale, plus I had clothes on and stuff…so not accurate in my opinion.  For my weigh ins, I use only the official Twiggy Scale.


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  1. Karen Ogle
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 10:15:44

    Good luck with the weigh in, Twiggy. I know how difficult those days can be. I didn’t like the number I saw this morning but it will motivate me to try harder. Hang in there.:)


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