Goals, Revisited

This week’s weigh in puts me well past my Christmas goal of 299.5.  My next goal was to be 293 by Jan 11.  I know that seems like an arbitrary number, but I had figured that if I was 293 in the morning, I might be about 295 in the evening and that was what I needed to be to make my 12 lbs goal for the Holiday Trimmings club at the Y.  That’s when I thought I had to weigh in the evening.  I’m just going to keep that goal as is.  By setting goals where I have to be X weight by Y date, I put waaaaaay too much pressure on myself and it makes me very frustrated when the scale gets stuck…so I am never doing that again.   To lose 4ish lbs in the next 3 (and a bit) weeks is almost a no brainer I think, so I’m keeping it low key.

My next goal would be 288, which is 10% off my initial weight, and a total of 32 lbs.  Again, that is very close to my 293 goal.  So these next few goals are pretty clumped together.

I’m going to put up a new ticker to reflect my 10% off goal, so that is what I’m going to be counting down to, not the relatively insignificant Holiday Trimmings goal. 

Looking ahead, I’m not sure if I will set goals in 10 lbs increments or what.  That seems too short to even bother with a ticker…but it’s less daunting than making, say, another 10% off goal.  After this 10%, my next 10% will be 28 lbs, so a full 4 lbs less than my first one, but that’s a big chunk of weight! 

I’ve got some time to think about it, I guess.


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