Two months and change

I looked through my daily plate records the other day and I realized I’ve been religiously recording calories for over 2 months without missing a single day.  That’s pretty awesome!  During my last weight loss effort, this is about the time I quit logging on TDP and started to wing it, figuring that since I eat mostly the same things every day, I know what’s right and what’s wrong and could handle it.  For the most part, I did.  That wasn’t what derailed me.  What happened was I went on vacation and, although I ate on plan while on vacation (and lost weight!) when I got home, I couldn’t get back into the groove somehow and my focus was gone.  Before I knew it, I was haunting the drive thru late in the evening (after I’d already eaten dinner) to relieve my stress.  Yikes!

Anyway, I thought today would be a good day to talk a little bit about how I count my calories.  I don’t count every single one.  For example, at breakfast when I have my egg on an english muffin, I do not count the bit of coconut oil that I use to cook it in.  I use coconut oil instead of something like non stick spray for a few reasons.  I don’t like the propellants and stuff in the spray, and there are a lot of health benefits to consuming coconut oil, so that is how I cook my eggs.  I don’t count the oil.  I know what you’re itching to say in the comments.  “It all adds up, Twiggy!”  That is what you’re screaming at your computer screens right now, I know.  Hang on, I’ll explain in a second.

If I have a salad, I don’t count the lettuce and other veggies.  I will count the balsamic vinegar (although the count there is pretty low) and any protein sources I put in (usually egg) but not the veggies.

For fruit, I will count it if I eat a whole orange or something, but I have a pomegranate here and if I eat some of that, I’m not going to count it.  When I eat dinner and pile a huge pile of broccoli on my plate, I count that.  If I ate a few pieces of broccoli, I wouldn’t bother with it.  I always count corn and potatoes.

So…you can see I have a weird way of counting and not counting stuff.  Mostly this is a way for me to keep from getting too obsessive.  I have a tendency to be a perfectionist about this stuff so this helps me back off.  I also leave room in my calorie budget for these things.  I try to shoot for about 1000-1200 calories counted which leaves me room for 200ish extra that come in the form of oils for cooking and stuff.  It’s just my way of making sure I consume some good fats without beating myself up about it…all while keeping it under my calorie budget…if that makes sense.  I am not recommending this method to anyone, especially if you’re the type to take advantage of “loopholes”.  I’m just not like that I guess.  I don’t view it as a loophole at all.  I don’t try to cheat my system.

I am sure at some point things will slow down and I will have to revisit my plan and see where I can tweak it, but this system is working well for me right now.  I know that if I read this wacky calorie counting strategy on someone else’s blog I would be skeptical but it’s working just fine for me.  If you need proof, tune in tomorrow for weigh in ;).


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  1. Karen Ogle
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 13:34:25

    Good luck with the weigh in. I feel better counting everything because it is so easy for those thing to add up. Seeing the numbers, all the numbers there in black and white keep me honest and help me realize when I’m slipping off plan. That is just me though. Vigilance is what works for me.


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