Good thing I bought running shoes.

DidI tell you all about my new shoes?  I decided the other day that I was due for a new pair of shoes, so long story short, I bought a fairly expensive but nice and comfy pair of shoes.  I was looking for cross trainers, but these happened to be running shoes.  I didn’t think this would be a problem.

Today (now yesterday, it’s taken me 2 days to write this because I am not feeling well at all today), I had 2 NSVs and if I had skipped the gym (like I was tempted to do!) I wouldn’t have experienced them.

As I was getting ready for the gym, I picked up a gym shirt.  Hubster and I both have those nice über thin shirts for the gym.  I like them because they don’t soak up moisture and get all heavy and gross.  I have 2 of them and Hubster has one.  Mine are XXL (men’s) and his, XL.  When I bought mine, I tried on both and the XL was too tight…it looked awful.  So anyway, I was getting ready and I picked up a shirt, and it was his. 

I held it for a second…then decided to try it on.

Wouldn’t you know, it fit just fine?

I mean…it was a little more snug than my shirts…and also a tiny bit shorter.  I think it looked less frumpy than my shirts though.  I mean…it’s not a secret that I’m fat, so I might as well not look frumpy too.  I bounced down the stairs to leave and he gave me a cold look.

“Why are you wearing my shirt?” he asked.

“BeCAUSE I wanted to see how it looked on me!”  I answered, grabbing my ipod and heading out.

I worked out in it, and it was fine!  I did have to tug it down a couple of times, so I am not ready to toss my own shirts in the goodwill pile yet, but it’s a start!

Now on to NSV #2.  At the gym, for some reason it struck me that I should try jogging.  I tried to jog a while ago….it’s been 6 months or more…but one of my knees objected quite strongly.  It hurt for days afterward.  Well I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I went to an aerobics class with a friend and there was some running involved which I did and it was fine.  So, armed with my new running shoes, I stepped onto a treadmill (I’m usually more of an elliptical girl myself) and fired it up.  I walked .25 miles and then decided to jog until it felt like it was time to stop.

I jogged .75 miles!  It was slow, granted, 3.7 mph.  You can walk that fast.  Jogging is more calorie burning for me though because of the energy it takes to launch my mass off the ground with every stride.  Anyway, I thought that wasn’t bad for not having jogged at all for quite a long time!  I walked for a couple of minutes after that because bits of me had started to burn quite insistently and my hr was getting higher than I really like to see it.  Then during the last few minutes of my workout, I jogged out the last .25 mi to make it a full mile jogged, with some walking thrown in extra.  I jogged the second bit at 4.5 mph, so a little faster.

I can’t believe I jogged .75 miles straight on my first run.  My knees were great!  No pain at all!  Yes!

Today is another story.   My knees are fine but the rest of me ACHES like crazy.  It doesn’t help that over night I developed a little tummy bug.  It’s the weirdest one I’ve ever had.  Usually they are very intense nausea for 12 hours or so followed by a slow and steady recovery period.  This has been more like intermittent nausea…and I have no idea how long it will take to go away.  Other than 1 cup of applesauce (spread out over 2 “meals”) I have not eaten in 24 hrs.  Yuck.  I’m about to get adventurous and eat some toast I think…cross your fingers!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Ogle
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 14:55:56

    Congrats on the great workout. I finally got myself on the treadmill today but haven’t tried jogging yet. Maybe I will try that tomorrow. I’m sorry you are feeling ill. I hope it is over soon and you are back to yourself. Hugs.


  2. Kimberly
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 15:03:47

    AWESOME! Isn’t it grand that your temptation was to run instead of sitting on the couch or stuffing a twinkie or some such nonsense in your face?

    When I had my first running temptation I thought I was nuts. Now? I am about to run a 5K in 3 weeks. Things are getting crazy.

    And tell the hubby he needs to buy more shirts in differing colors because you are going to be needing them. 😉


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