Weigh in Wednesday


<insert happy dance here>

I was pretty surprised at my weight this morning.  I was expecting to be about 1 pound higher…so it was a nice surprise 🙂

In .5 lbs I will have hit the 30 lb mark.  Actually, I think unofficially I might already be there…the first week or so that I started watching what I ate for real, I was afraid to look at the scale.  I think it might have been as high as 323 but I’m not sure, and 320 makes a nice, round number to start with so I go with that.  Also I think a part of me doesn’t care to admit that I might have weighed over 320…

This also puts me below my goal for January 11th.  If you are new to my blog, my 293 goal was based on the idea that if I was 293 lbs naked in the morning, it would equate to about 295 lbs with light clothes on, which would put me at my 12 lb goal for a weight loss contest I entered that was to last about 6 weeks.  It ends January 11th, so I have 6 days left to hopefully drop another pound or so.  I would love to go into that weigh in at 289, but I am happy with having met my goal of losing 12 lbs over the 6 weeks the contest spanned so if I go in to the weigh in at this same weight, that’s okay, too.  I am sure that there I did better than the majority of the participants, even if I don’t win.

My ticker over on the right is counting down to my other goal, my 10% off goal.  Just a couple more pounds to go and I’ll be there!  That will be a total of 32 lbs lost and well over halfway to 50.  I would like to have lost 50 by my birthday, but true to my word, I won’t ever make a goal with a deadline again.  That stresses me out waaaaay too much.  So far I have beaten all of my goals easily, but I think it’s best if I don’t make deadlines for myself.



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  1. Jenn @ Watch My Butt Shrink!
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 08:32:32

    Well, that’s simply FANTASTIC! Congrats on BEATING your goal!! 🙂


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