I know

I sound ungrateful.  I should be happy that my clothes don’t fit.  I was just unprepared to look…not so great today.  I was expecting to look in the mirror and be happy.  After all, I have lost a significant amount of weight (and I will show you something cool with regard to that in a couple more pounds).  I just was surprised is all…and not in a good way.  I could have put on a different shirt that would have looked better, but at that point I had to leave to go to a mom coffee group thing so I just let it go…even though my shirt looked like a maternity shirt.

It has been suggested that I should hit up the thrift stores.  I’m dubious about this…I’m not sure if I will find anything but old, stretched-out clothes there.  I was thinking of going there to check and see if they had any jeans in the next size down just so I can keep trying some on to gauge my progress with them since I don’t like to do measurements.  I might still do that, and if I do I will check out the tops.


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