Non scale…wait…what?!

I think it’s supposed to say victory.

I think I’m supposed to be feeling victorious.

I don’t.

This morning I stepped on the scale and was happy to see a new low.  I felt good about that.  Super good.  A new decade!  As I was in the shower, I reflected on the fact that I will never see a number in the 300’s again.  Even when I was below 300, sometimes with fluctuations and stuff, the scale would show 300-something.  Now that I am more than 10 lbs under 300, it’s unlikely that I will ever see that again.  Each day that goes by sees me farther and father away.

So anyway, I was feeling pretty confident as I got dressed.  I have a few shirts in my closet (I am a jeans and t shirt kind of girl) that fit me okay, and the rest are getting too bit.  I went for my reliable shirt.  I bought 2 of them in different colors maybe 2 months ago.  When I bought them, they were a little tighter around my middle than I liked, but they didn’t look like tents on me so I liked them…even if my belly was more visible.  I grabbed one of these, along with my best fitting pants and belt and got dressed.  I was careful not to look in the mirror, I wanted to get the full effect all at once.  Once I was all dressed, I presented myself to the mirror.

I was not happy.  I was all set to look at my reflection and be impressed.  I’ve been wearing sweats all weekend because I’ve been working on lots of cleaning and organizing jobs in my house.  I was ready to see something fab. 

My shirt…looks terrible.  It now looks like a tent.  I gathered up about 2 inches of it in the back and it looked better.  I let go…and the tent was back.  I now am down to almost no clothes that look okay on me.  The problem is the next size down is a little too tight.

I am not liking this in between sizes thing.  I am doing this to look better in my clothes, not worse!  Now I need to find some clothes that don’t look like total crap on me, buy them, and then have them look like total crap on me after 8 weeks or so.

So, I guess it’s a victory, but it didn’t feel as good as I expected.


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  1. Karen Ogle
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 12:44:31

    I never did it myself because I still am in sizes that most people at my weight would be lower than me but I know weight loss surgery people who go to good will to get those clothes that are only going to fit for a short time. Sometimes you can get very nice things there without breaking your budget or feeling your are throwing money away on something that wont be wearable for long. I made the mistake of buying a lot of really nice clothes last winter and now they are all two big. I learned though and so now I have only about 3 outfits that fit me exactly right but I don’t go out much and I am just not going to spend a fortune until my weight is settled where I want it. Some weight loss sites also have clothing exchanges where you can trade with others to get the right sizes. I wish you the very best.


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