My laziness is saving me right now

Today has sucked.  I don’t even feel like typing it all out.  It has been one debacle after another and I just want to put this day behind me.  In addition to the problems I have had with people today, I was feeling really munchy today.  I was okay until I ate a few chips that I shouldn’t have.  They weren’t even that good.  Blech.   I have the strong urge to go hit the drive thru and bury my hurt, anger, and frustration in a mountain of french fries…but it turns out I am just too lazy.  I don’t feel like leaving the house.

I just want to give the finger to everyone, and put on a big, baggy sweatshirt that says “BITE ME” on it.

I really hope tomorrow is better, but I have some commitments that are really stressing me out right now and that isn’t going to end when I go to bed tonight. 

I hate everything.

End of rant.


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