Just buy a belt!

This is what Hubster said to me yesterday after I explained to him why I am almost always wearing my yoga pants at home.  I had taken a shower and reappeared downstairs and, in spite of having wet hair,  and a different shirt on, he said “You were up there all that time and didn’t even take a shower?”  He only noticed my really cool pink yoga pants.

I explained to him that I don’t like wearing my jeans in the house because even my smallest pair is constantly falling down.  I hate having to hike my pants up all the time.  I have one pair of jeans that fits me pretty well except for the waist…well actually I think it’s my lack of waist that is the problem.  If my fat belly would just slip down a little tiny bit…. Anyway, my pants are always falling down and it drives me nuts.

I had a belt to remedy this, but it was a cheapo piece of crap that came with a pair of shorts I bought a couple of years ago.  You may remember a post from a  few weeks ago in which I had to cut the end off because it was in such bad shape.  The remaining length was pretty short and it was a little bit snug.  I guess all the pressure got to it, the damn thing snapped at the hole I was using the other day.  Now I have no belt.

So yesterday I went into the store to get a new belt.  One problem.  Even the 2XL belts were too short.  Where do they sell belts for fat people?  I need to hold up my pants.  They’re 22’s and I can get some 20’s on, but they are a bit too tight for my liking.

Oh crap, I forgot to tell you about that!  So the other night I was out shopping and I decided to try on a pair of 20’s just to see where we were at.  I had been looking over the clearance racks and I found this pair of tan capris that were on clearance for $4.20 (90% off!) and they were a size 20, so I picked them up to try on.  I figured I would buy them anyway, even though I am not much of a capri person.  For that price, they could even be something I just wear on laundry day or something.  For good measure, I also picked up a regular pair of jeans in a size 20.

Once in the dressing room, I thought back to the last time I tried on a pair of 20’s, just 2 weeks or so ago.  It hadn’t gone well.  I picked up the jeans and stepped into them.  My thigh went all the way in.  I wasn’t too impressed though, because usually the snag is when I try to put my other leg in and hoist them up to my waist.  They usually get stuck at my upper thigh/hip area.  To my surprise, these went right up.  I had to suck it in a little, but they even buttoned and zipped.  I was very pleased.  Then I got doubtful.  Maybe this was the dreaded vanity sizing.  I stripped them off.  Then I remembered I had another pair of 20’s in there with me.  Different style, different brand.  I tried those one too.

They also fit…with a bit of sucking in at the end.

So I guess I’m almost down a size or two.  Depends on whether I was a 24 or a 26 to start.  I say 24, but some of those were getting tight…so who knows.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Ogle
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 10:55:09

    I love finding I fit into smaller clothing more than I love seeing lower numbers on the scale. Congrats on the NSV. That is so nice, to take something doubtful into the dressing room and get a pleasant surprise. There have been too many unpleasant surprises in my past for the thrill of the pleasant surprises to get old. Hugs.


  2. bd160
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 22:13:50

    Congratulations on the smaller size! That’s a wonderful NSV!!!

    I gave you an award! 😀


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