An Award

Thanks, als, for thinking of me!  I can’t seem to make her name into a link…but here’s a link to her blog if you haven’t checked it out yet .

The guidelines for this award:

Link back to the person who gave you the award; share 7 things about yourself; award this to 15 recently discovered bloggers (or as many as you can)

7 things about myself?  Hmmmmmm…

1.  I like to play video games.  My favorites have been the Metal Gear series, and more recently, the Assassin’s Creed games.

2.  I am very strong.  When Hubster and I go to the gym together, I use the same weights on many of the weight lifting machines as he does, and he is not a wimp or anything.  One time I went to the chiropractor and I had to do this assessment where I had to squeeze this ball thing and the dr was astonished at my grip strength.  She said it was off the charts for females, and just a little below average for men.  In college, I used to get lunch money by winning bets in the weight room.  I can lift the entire stack on the leg press machine, that was my biggest moneymaker (it’s over 500 lbs).

3.  I am 30, and I have a brother who is 10.

4.  I am always thinking about my “next” house.  I don’t know if I’ll ever move into one and think “I am going to til here until I am old.”  We are in our second house, and I can’t imagine staying here longer than 5 years. 

5.  I wrecked my car (or rather, it was wrecked for me) after having it for 6 days.

6.  I secretly love my minivan.

7.  I am super duper handy.  I spent this afternoon hanging up new curtain rods.  I have single handedly conducted a mini-reno of my kitchen.  Everything that has been painted in my house was done by me.  I even built a cat tower, which is nice if I do say so myself.  When we were renovating our bathrooms,  I set the tile in my master bathroom myself, and grouted all the tile in all the bathrooms.  I also installed both of the upstairs toilets myself.  I refuse to take out toilets, though.  Clean new ones?  Fine.  Dirty old ones?  The men can do that part.

Okay, 7 things!  I could keep going but I’ll leave it there.   As far as passing this award on…well I guess I need to expand my blogging horizons!  All the blogs I regularly read have already gotten this award, or didn’t seem to want the last award I gave them…can anyone suggest good blogs for me to read?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Ogle
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:30:29

    I can’t believe how strong you are. I wish you could come and weight train me. I have lost a lot of muscle mass along with the weight. I am as weak as water. I am doing some weight lifting here at home but with no guidelines at all. I guess I need to find some sort of guide to follow. 🙂


  2. als
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 03:52:18

    I wish I was brave enough to be more handy around the house… It sounds like you’ve done some really cool things! 😀


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