Tomorrow is the big day

Weigh in Wednesday, yet again!

Guess what’s in my toaster oven?  A Pinewood Derby car!  I know…not what you expected, but at least I can’t eat that!

Around here, I am the pwd expert.  So when it comes time for my son’s cub scout derby, I am the parent that helps with that.  I have a little wood putty in it right now , so I just have it on “warm” so it dries a little faster for me.  I need to apply the lead weights and fill the rest of it before he gets home, so he can finish the sanding and hopefully we get to some painting tonight!

Back to weight loss…

Things have been going pretty…normal.  Eating…drinking….working out (a little bit)…sleeping….lather, rinse, repeat. 

I will admit.  I don’t work out as often as I could.  I go maybe 3 times a week.  Maybe.  Most weeks, it’s more like 2.  I realize this is sub-standard.  I realize this will not see me through to my goal.  I do.  The thing is, I am losing at a rate that is not to shabby right now even without it.  I am not stressed about it right now…when my rate of loss slows, I will pick it up.

NSV – Today I went to teach computers at the preschool and they had beaten me up to the computer lab.  It’s 3 floors up from where their classroom is, and I raced to catch up with them.  I’ve done that before…and been horribly out of breath when I get to the top.  Now I can run up all those stairs without any problems.  I can get in there and talk to them right away without having to spend a couple of minutes huffing and puffing 🙂

Stay tuned for weigh in tomorrow!


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  1. Karen Ogle
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 15:24:16

    Hey, Twiggy. I just wanted to share my experience with you about exercise. I waited until I was almost to goal to start exercising and boy am I sorry now. I have lost a lot of muscle mass and that is not the kind of weight you want to lose. I’m very weak physically now and I’m having to work hard to get my strength back.
    I just thought I would mention it. Regaining muscle isn’t easy once you’ve lost it. Hugs. 🙂


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