What is it?

I have not been motivated to blog lately…I don’t know why.

When I set out to blog, I knew I wanted to be a blogger who updated often, every day if possible.  It just seems like the last week or so I have been falling behind.  I have been reading your blogs, but I haven’t had anything to say myself.

You’ve all probably assumed I’ve just been eating too much so that’s why I’ve been staying away, so I won’t have to admit that here.  Not true.  I’ve been eating like I normaly do.  Staying at my desired calorie level, and hitting the gym a little bit.  Yeah, I said a little bit.  Not perfect.

One thing I did that last time I went to the gym is ask them in person wtf is up with that holiday trimmings contest.  A couple of weeks ago I had emailed and asked if there was going to be a wrap up email about it, and got no response.  I asked at the front desk about it yesterday, and the lady went to get the person who was in charge of it, and she turned out not to be in the office.  They wanted to take my email address so that I could be contacted about it and I said “I’m sure EVERYONE who participated is curious”.  I ended up not giving them my email address, more because after I said that, I forgot about it…and then Hubster was at my elbow and it was time to go.  I don’t even know if they’ve notified the winner.  The front desk lady did say she had been told the name of the winner and it was a girl…but she couldn’t remember the name.  I hadn’t asked.  I told them I didn’t expect to have won, but I wanted to know things like:

  • What percentage of their weight did the winner lose?
  • How many people participated?
  • What percentage of the participants lose weight (vs gained or didn’t do the weigh ins)
  • Who won the drawings?

This is not rocket science, people!

Weigh in is tomorrow.  It’s going to be a loss, but I’m not sure how much.  Do I think it was affected by my pig out on wednesday?  Yes.  Is that the end of the world?  No.  I moved on.  I am staying the course.  I’m close to getting into a new “decade” and that excites me.  I day dream about the fact that, by the time it gets warm here again, I could very well be in the 250’s.

I just wish I was more bloggy.  I just don’t feel like I have a lot to say lately.


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  1. Lyn
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 11:48:48

    Hey twiggy 😉

    I just saw your pizza mishap post while catching up on blog reading, and I hope things are going better! That sucks about the contest. You’d think they would be more responsive to people.

    Hugs, give the pup a snout kiss for me!


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