Weigh in Wednesday


*This post is kinda all over the place.  I blame my sickness.

I have been really sick the last couple of days, and usually when I am sick, my weight goes up a couple of pounds as my body reserves water and things to help try and fight back.  Yesterday, I grazed through the morning and I was up to 1000 calories by around 2.  I decided I would try not to eat anything else for the rest of the day, but it was a long time to bed time. 

Why the low calorie amount?  I figured since I didn’t do anything but rest on the couch all day, I didn’t need many calories.

I distracted myself at dinner time by going to the gym to sit in their hot tub, trying to soak some of the aches away.

I never really got hungry yesterday, but I woke up with my stomach growling.  I carefully undressed.  All my joints hurt and my head was in a fog.  I gimped over to the scale and stood on it, trying not to sway.

-4 lbs.

So that’s last week’s 2 I should have lost and 2 for this week.  I was pleased.  8 more lbs to go until I hit the 50 lbs mark.  18 more to go until I hit my second 10% (remember that’s not 20% of my original weight, it’s more like 18% of my starting weight)

I have been feeling like I hit the wall, like I would never get past the 40 lbs mark.  I felt like I had given up…that I didn’t have control anymore.  I still feel like that a little bit.  I keep telling myself that it’s about committment, not motivation.  I am just not feeling driven anymore.  I have not been logging my calories.  I have been staying on plan pretty much, but not taking the time to log everything.  Sooner or later, that is going to bite me in the tush.

For now, I’m just going to try to focus on that itty bitty number 8.  8 more lbs and I can say I have lost FIFTY pounds.  Halfway to 100!  100 seems like such an impossible feat…but once I have lost 50, all I have to do is lose 50 more.  Split that up into 5, 10 lb chunks and it seems like I could do it.

I am still bummed about my belly.  It just refuses to get smaller.  I look like I am 8 months pregnant!  I have a pair of size 20 capris that I bought on clearance a few weeks ago (I have mentioned those before) and they fit me okay.  They are maybe a teeny bit snug, but the weather here is warming up every day.  I am pretty confident that by the time it’s warm enough to wear them, they will fit better.

I also try to remind myself that every time I go down a size, the next one will take fewer pounds.  I was wearing 24’s when I started and it took 40 lbs to go down almost two sizes.  So roughly 20 lbs a size.  I’m thinking once I get comfortably into the size 20’s, the path to size 18 will be about 18 lbs or so.  This would go faster if my belly would just do me a favor and shrink up!  I’m thinking size 16 will come another 16-18 lbs after that.  That puts me at about 245 to be in a 16.

Just a guess.  When I get there, I will have to check and see how close I was.

I know, I owe you progress pics.  I will try to get those taken today.  I’m not doing jersey pics this time since it’s hard to see me under there.  I will do something more fitted, and use the same outfit until I can’t wear it anymore.  I have some lovely spandex workout capris and a nice fitted tank that I wear under t shirts sometimes that I think I will use.  It’ll give you a better idea.  I wish I had done that to start with, but somehow I didn’t predict that my progress would not show at all with the jersey.

I will say that when I wore it last, superbowl sunday, it was amazing.  When I bought it, I was stuffed like a sausage into it.  Sadly, there was no slack on it around my midsection.  Now I can grab a handful of material and pull it away from my belly.

That makes me happy.


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