A better job

Hubster was summoned out of town last night for work.  As per our deal, this meant that I was allowed to duck out of cooking.  Usually we order pizza.  It is the only time we ever do that.  Hubster HATES eating out, so when he is here, we rarely order pizza.  It happens maybe every 4 months or so.  Seriously.  So we usually do it when he’s gone.

Last night I thought very carefully about what to do.  Remember what happened last time I ordered pizza?  I do too.  I wondered if I should.  I knew it would be okay to order pizza as long as I could refrain from eating so much I get sick.  Could I beat it this time?  Would it beat me, then I would have to post about it and you people would be able to say “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

The first step I took toward not going crazy with the pizza was I only ordered one thing.  Normally when get pizza we do only get one pizza.  One pizza feeds all 5 of us without leaving any leftovers, so it’s just perfect.  At this particular place, though, they have this fantastic deal where if you order pizza and breadsticks, it is much cheaper per bite of food – even though you have twice as many bites.  These breadsticks are not just breadsticks.  Here is a picture:

You get twice as many as that.  I won’t even go into how fabulous they are.  Everyone here likes them better than the actual pizza.  One time I ordered just those and no pizza.  Hubster was mad!  He said it was a waste of money, I should have spent a couple more dollars and gotten a whole pizza too, so we would have leftovers.  I saw the flawed logic, but I didn’t argue, and the next time I did what he said.  And you all read about what happened next.  After that debacle, I told Hubs that I would never again order both just because it’s cheaper.  He does not agree with me, so I am forced to decide between making him happy and doing what’s best for me.

Last night I ordered just the breadsticks.

You will also remember that another aspect of the problem last time was that I ate too many breadsticks at dinner, ate a couple more after the kids went to bed, and then ate some MORE the next day for breakfast.  I pledged not to do this.  I would eat some for dinner, and no more after that.  0% of the leftovers would go into my belly.

So last night at dinner, I probably ate about 1 more stick than I should have.  Still, I didn’t eat any more after that, so that’s not too bad.  I drank 64 oz of water to go with it to help wash away the sodium onslaught.  This morning when I was contemplating breakfast options…I did not reach for the leftovers.  I actually had leftovers from yesterday’s breakfast instead.

Yesterday Hubs and I made this breakfast of eggs, peppers, onions, sausage, and chopped potatoes.  You know, kind of a breakfast skillet thing.  There were about 2 servings left and I dumped it all on my plate and warmed it up.  I ate until I started to feel full and pushed my plate away from me…and was very pleased to see there was still 1 serving left.  I didn’t overeat just because it was there.  I know you’re thinking “but why even put 2 servings on your plate?  Why tempt yourself so?”  The reason I did that was because I knew it wasn’t going to get eaten after today so whatever I didn’t eat was going in the trash.  I put it all on my plate so I would pick out the parts I wanted, mostly the eggs and peppers and some of the sausage, while leaving behind the potatoes…so having it all on my plate made it so I could exchange the potatoes for other things in the dish if that makes sense.  I didn’t eat ALL of those things either.  There is still plenty of sausage and eggs left on the plate with pretty much all the potatoes.  The only thing I ate pretty much all of was the peppers.

Last time I ordered pizza, after breakfast the next day I felt bloated and like my belly was full of concrete.  Today I feel fine.  What a difference!


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