The right way and the wrong way

Today we had a snow day, and since my son had a coupon for a birthday treat at a restaurant that was getting ready to expire, so I decided to take him today.

This place calls itself a Mongolian grill, and I’m not sure how accurate that is.  The way it works is you get a bowl and select whatever meats you want, then noodles, then veggies.  When you’re done, you can mix and match sauces and then you hand the whole thing over to the guys at the grill.  They cook it up for you and give it back.  It takes maybe 5 minutes.  It’s really pretty fun, and you can make some great food choices there.

That’s what I did.  I picked a bit of chicken, a little bit of sausage, and then piled the rest of my bowl up with veggies.  Green ones.  Celery.  Broccoli.  Peppers.  Oh my!  I also picked sauces that I knew from checking this place’s website were not horribly bad.

That, I think, is the right way.

There were 2 ladies behind me that I felt were doing it the wrong way.  They took a reasonable amount of proteins – not sure what meats they picked, but the portion was not too bad.  Then they came to the noodle section.  At this point, they were across from me so I had a VERY good view of what was going on.  While I was trying to pick up a small amount of noodles…maybe the size of a golfball, these ladies were both grabbing huge portions of noodles.  Each of them put a grapefruit sized portion in their bowl.  I would say they each had easily 3 servings of noodles.  Then they each put some veggies in…but they got away from me then because I spent quite a bit more time loading my bowl up with veggies.

Once I got to the grill area, I could instantly see which plates were theirs.  There were about 6 people waiting for their food to cook, in all shapes and sizes.  There were only 2 piles of food on the grill with insane amounts of noodles….

And, sadly, these women looked like they enjoy noodles.  They were both extremely obese.  One was probably a little younger than me, and one was older.  Perhaps they were mother/daughter?  Both were fatter than me by quite a bit.   I’m not making fun of them at all.  I feel bad for them.  I’m not picking on fat people at buffets, but I definitely think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. 

I did it the right way, and I didn’t even eat all my food.  I stopped when I was full.

I did it the right way, and I will be shopping in the normal people section of the store in a few months.

I’m not judging them.  I’m sure they are very nice ladies.  I just wonder where they will be in 6 months…or a year…compared to where I will be.  I guess it depends on the choices I make.

If I keep doing things the right way.


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