Whatcha gonna do?

As I creep closer and closer to the -50 lbs mark, I have given some thought to what I will do to celebrate.  Obviously, going out to eat at the Olive Garden is out ;).   For the more mathematically challenged of you, when I get to 270 I will have lost 50 lbs.  So, that could happen this week (you never know) but probably next week.  So, we’re getting close.

I am not much for rewards, I hate spending money on myself.  Getting my hair done is a treat, but I do that a couple of times a year anyway.  It’s just hard for my to do anything for me.  Here is what I decided to do when I hit -50 lbs.

  1. Get rid of clothes that are bigger than 2xl.  I have a few things that are 3-4x (omg!).  Those are being donated.
  2. Spend $50 on new clothes.

I know.  $50 isn’t a lot when we’re talking about clothes, but I like 50 lbs = $50, and I will have a hard time spending more than that…like I said, I hate spending money on me.  Really I only need some new shirts.  It’s still not warm enough to wear anything but pants here and we’ve got another month of that.  I have some capris that I bought ahead (size 20) that fit me okay now, but in a month when I can actually wear them they will fit very nicely.  I have another pair that I can get away with for a while and that will take me into shorts season.  I will need new shorts, but I won’t buy those til we get closer…I’m afraid I’ll buy something now and it’ll be baggy by May.  So $50 for some new shirts and since I like simple clothes and shop the sales, I should be able to get a handful of them and it will feel like I really splurged.

That’s the plan.

The other night I tried on all my pants just for fun.  I was a little disappointed that they all still fit me more or less.  The biggest ones I have are size 24 and none of them were falling off me.  If I walked around in them I would have to constantly hike them up, but still.  I was hoping that almost 50 lbs in I would have SOMETHING that would just slide off me when I put it on.  Oh well.  The pants I wear now are size 22 but I am holding them up with a belt shoelace.  Yes.  You remember how my belt did not survive long…I needed SOMETHING to hold my pants up.  This shoelace does the trick and no one sees it anyway.  I know, it’s sad.  Soon I will shrink into one of my “real” belts and I can put my shoelace away.

I have picked out my “before” clothing item.  You know, the one that a year from now I will stand in with both legs down one leg and the waist will be twice my size?  It’s a pair of shorts that I bought 2 summers ago.  Ironically, they’re not my largest by the numbers, but by the fit, they are the biggest.  They are nearly sliding off me when I put them on.  those I will save.  Just for fun I tried to put both legs down one side of these shorts, and I fit.  It was like wearing a skin tight denim skirt, but I never thought I would be able to do that. 

Take it easy, folks, and have a good weekend!


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  1. FatAngryBlog
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 16:31:48

    I was looking through my closet for the “before” clothing but I am not sure what will work for that…

    And I like your 50 lbs = $50 plan!


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