I’m Still Here

I didn’t mean to be gone so long.  I got busy and then I felt like I had to update you all on EVERYTHING I was doing, which made me feel overwhelmed, then I didn’t post, then I got more overwhelmed with the thought of updating you…and it went from there.

It’s all over now, so I guess I have time.  I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself though so if I don’t get through it all, don’t be mad at me.

Going waaaaay back to…I guess just after my last update.  I had a rough weekend.  We were out of town and I got out of my good habits and when faced with a mountain of foods that I had been more or less avoiding for the last 5 months or so…I took the bait.  Hook, line, and sinker!

After that, two things happened.  One was my birthday, and the other was a string of home improvement projects that sucked up a lot of me time, and allowed me to be distracted from my goal.  I’m not making excuses, just telling it like it happened.

Actually the projects started first.  I started working my butt off on some projects around my house and that gave me an excuse to not cook, order pizza, run out and have some of that fast food I’d been avoiding for so long…etc.  First, I put ceramic tile down in one of my bathrooms and my laundry room.  That took a few days to get done between all my other things I have going on (kids, etc).  Then I ripped the carpet off my stairs and replaced it with laminate flooring.  This was a lot harder than I just made it sound.  I had to cut pieces off my existing stairs and then do a lot of patch work and stuff…this one took me a few days as well.  Then I took a break from home improvement while I waited for help to arrive for my next project…anyway my birthday was coming up!

Around my birthday, I figured I’d been out of the swing of things for a week or so, why not enjoy whatever I wanted to eat for my birthday, I would get back into the rhythm right afterward.  So I did, and then I didn’t.

2 weeks after my birthday was an event that takes an entire weekend and involves a lot of yummy food.  I figured, why try to get back on track just to be thrown off by this event?

So I didn’t. 

Then 2 weeks after that, the last (and biggest) of my current DIY projects was scheduled to happen.  I knew there would be a lot of fast food going on over that weekend, so I decided not to bother trying to get going again until that was done.  I had many “last hurrahs” during this time.

The project spanned over this last weekend.  We got it done and it looks nice.  We laid laminate over something like 800 sq feet of my house.  It was a remarkable feat of DIY awesomeness.  Our floor went through several rooms/areas and we did it without any transition strips.  It was amazing how it came together.

I want to post pictures and stuff, but I need to get moving for the day.  I just really needed to post SOMETHING to get back into the groove.  There is more, I’m just done with the computer for now.  I know you want to know how the weight loss is going and stuff, I’ll get there.  Hang in there, folks!


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