weigh in Wednesday

Well that was bullshit.

Excuse my language, but I am peeved.  I spent last week doing everything BUT eating.  I didn’t go to the gym much becuase I was sick for part of the week with a mystery flu-like illness that made me miserable…but I didn’t eat that much.  On all the days, I ate 1200 calories or less.  Less!  Some days I didn’t break 1000. 

So…um…where is the love on the scale?   I came in the same as last week.

I have continued doing the same thing into this week…but I don’t feel good about it, and not just mentally.  I am tired, weak feeling, and for the last two days, my joints have been hurting like crazy.

The kicker?  I am writing this on a friday.  I weighed this morning and I am UP!  WTF?  I have literally not been eating enough to have gained weight…and yet…

Yes, I know.  No lectures.  Please lay off the “That’s not healthy” or “Your body will go into starvation mode!”  I know.  I just wanted to see some results to hopefully motivate me further.  So far all I have to show for about 10 days of VLC dieting is…a higher number on the scale.

Bullshit, I tell you.


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