I was really mad when I wrote my last post, but things have changed quite a bit since then.

When I wrote my last post, I knew that I was retaining water like nobody’s business.  After that post, things got worse.  I tried drinking more water, thinking that would help as it always has done in the past.  This time, the extra fluids were also retained.  I gained another 4 lbs or so that day.

Then next day I woke up with my hands so swollen I could hardly move them.  The joints in my hands, feet, and to a lesser extent, my knees, were extremely stiff and painful.  I couldn’t dress myself.  Going to the bathroom was…a problem.  I could not open a jar.   I needed to put my youngest child’s car seat back together, but the thought of trying to feed the straps through the slots and then putting all the buckles and stuff back on did not appeal to me. 

I went from totally fine and healthy to being practically crippled overnight.  The pain was THAT bad.  I was taking the maximum dose of ibuprofen allowed, along with tylenol…to no effect.  I couldn’t hold a glass of water…it was nuts.

Sunday I just relaxed, keeping my water logged limbs elevated, hoping it would carry me through to my dr appointment on monday morning. 

By monday morning, I was actually feeling a bit better.  I could move my hands with only…moderate pain instead of intense pain.  The swelling had gone down.

Even though I was feeling better, the dr ran a whole slew of tests because what happened is just not right.  We’re waiting on results now, some of the tests take a few days to come back.  I think the one that will take longest is Lyme disease, but I really don’t think that’s what it is.

Of the ones that have already come back, a couple of things came back abnormal that might explain a few things, but I have not talked to my dr yet.  I think he’s waiting for the rest to come in before he calls me.  I don’t think I want to go into any more detail right now until we know more, if ever. 

I’m upset.  I don’t think it’s anything untreatable or anything…but no one likes to have abnormal test results, right?

In the meantime, even though I have stuck right to my eating plan (1,000-1,400 cals/day) I am STILL up from 2 weeks ago.  Doesn’t seem fair, but with all this medical stuff going on, I guess we’ll have to just let that be what it is for now.


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