Weigh in Wednesday


-0, a not altogether unexpected result.  I worked out HARD last week, including some very heavy weight training, and that tends to lead to stale scale results in my experience.  That’s okay.  As much as I would like to see the scale numbers going down, what really matters is how I feel, and how I am doing.  I KNOW I am doing a great job.  I am staying on plan food-wise and working out every day (except sunday, if I remember right).  To me, that can translate into NOTHING but a healthier, smaller me – in spite of the lack of short term results on the scale this week.

As surprising as it is to me, I am actually sitting here fighting off the urge to run to the gym this morning.  I need to maintain balance between rest and working out, and today seems like as good as any for a rest day.  Not that I’ll be resting, I have lots to do around the house!


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