twoadays rock. Just sayin.

Yesterday, I decided to go for another twoaday.  Cardio in the morning, and then weights in the evening.  My eating was spot on, and I felt great, so I went for it.

The first thing I did was try to get a little jog in.  I have not tried jogging in quite a while because my left knee can be a bit of a stick in the mud, but since I am doing the warrior dash in only a few weeks now, I figured I better see how it goes.  I hopped on the treadmill and walked for a few minutes, then stepped off and tried to limber my knees up as best as I could before hopping back on and going for it.

Since all I really wanted to do was warm up before weight lifting and I had already done cardio for the day, I chose to run for 10 minutes at a pretty slow pace.  It went really well.  No complaints from the knee department.  I’m hoping if I warm them up right, I will avoid injury as much as possible.

For my ‘regular’ morning cardio, I usually hop on the elliptical.  I know I should cross train and try something else like the bikes or something, but I just really like the elliptical.  I like that the body motions are similar to running without the stress on my knees and feet, and I hope that somehow it is helping me prepare for the day when I can run for real (in about 80 lbs?).  Up until very recently, I had been doing steady-state cardio on it.  I set the incline on 10 and the resistance on 7 and just stay at that level the whole time.  It has been fun watching my average strides per minute go up :). 

Lately I have taken to doing intervals on the elliptical.  Mine are 4 minutes per “set” of low and high intensity.  For 2 minutes the ramp sits on a fairly low level and I go somewhat easy.  Then when it goes up to the higher incline (the resistance stays the same), I push HARD.  For 2 minutes I go as fast and hard as I can without tipping the machine over!  Then when the 2 minutes is up, the incline goes back down and I go easy and let my heart rate recover.

The time goes by much faster when I do this, and it really gets me sweating! 

Anyway, back to yesterday.  I did a little bit of running and then did weights for 35 minutes or so, I wasn’t really timing it.  I worked every muscle group, and that took a long time.  I know some people like to do arms one day and legs another day, but I kinda like to mix it up and do some arm stuff, then some leg stuff while my arms rest a little, then back to arms, then finish the legs.  It would probably help if I was more organized…right now you would just see me wandering around the weights looking lost ;).

Yesterday I took in about 1200 calories and burned off about 600.  I know there is no way to REALLY know how many calories one burns, but that is my best estimate.  I arrived at that by taking the estimate the cardio machines give me and knocking about 1/3 off because I think they overestimate my calorie burnage.  So for example if the machine tells me I burned 425 calories, I call it 300.  Then I consulted livestrong to find out how many calories I might have burned while lifting weights, and took some off that as well.  I don’t want to overestimate how many calories I burn and use it as free license to eat stuff so I am pretty careful about that.  So I netted about 600 calories in yesterday and my RMR is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000, so it was a pretty good day. 

Buuuuut all this super fun working out has a caveat.  The scale.  Building muscle and retaining extra fluids to aid in muscle repair shows when I step on the scale and it stubbornly stays at the same number it was on 2 weeks ago.  I suppose I could just stop working out and just starve myself and I would see that number dropping…but you know, it’s not really worth it to me to see lower numbers and have it really be as much lost muscle as anything else.  I will take my strong body over a lower scale number any day.   It’s times like this when I wish I did measurements though.



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