Last night’s trip to the gym was great.  After my lackluster performance earlier in the day, I wasn’t sure if I would have a good workout in the evening either.  Would I have the energy to work it?  Or would I phone it in.

I worked it 🙂

Intervals for 30 minutes in which had me pouring sweat.  My little white towel was wet, and the droplets rolled down my face and bounced off my shirt and splattered onto the ground below me.  I never wear cotton shirts to the gym, I prefer those “stay dry” type shirts because they are lighter and they don’t stick to my skin when they get wet.  Cotton shirts just get wet, sticky, and heavy.  Ick.  It’s also fun to watch the sweat bounce off my gym shirts…I may be easily amused…

Anyway, I did my intervals and followed it up with a short jog on the treadmill.  No weights this close to weigh in…but I will do those tomorrow and Friday.

Here’s hopin for love on the scale tomorrow.


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